What to expect

Thank you for stopping by the Rideout Media Group website. Maybe you’re wondering who is Rideout Media Group. You can find that out by clicking on the “About Us” page. But maybe you’re wondering what Rideout Media Group will offer you when you come to the site. Well, let me explain. What you’ll find here are human-interest stories from around the city of Detroit. What’s happening and why it’s important to a generation that will continue the legacy of this great city? You see, the city of Detroit has been through some really tough times; from governmental scandal to bankruptcy. But the people of the city continue to pull themselves up from their bootstraps and move forward in a positive direction. And it’s the millennials who are helping the cause.

There are young entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians, ministers, visionaries, movers and shakers in the city of Detroit all striving to make a difference. What makes this generation so interesting is that they didn’t create the problems but they are passionate in helping solve them. They refuse to stand by and ask for a hand out or wait for someone else to fix it…they’re hitting the pavement and making big strides in the positive change in the city.

So, what will you find here at Rideout Media Group? Stories, events, people, places and things that highlight the good, the bad and the GREAT out of the city of Detroit…. from the perspective of millennials. We are the ones that will continue to carry the torch in a city who’s light will not be dimmed.