The Unconventional use of Coca-Cola

Life hacks.” It seems like there are thousands of shortcuts or “work around” for almost any roadblock or inconvenience that threatens to temporarily put your life on hold these days. Some of the most popular ones are how to get out stains with household items. For example, to get out grass stains it is believed that vinegar it the best thing to use. For blood, hydrogen peroxide; oil, white chalk, and nail polish remover to get stains off of tennis shoes.

Some of the inconveniences that slow us down could often cost a lot of money to fix but there are ‘life hacks’ for those too. For example, a bottle of Coca-Cola is not just for enjoying with your meal or to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day. A bottle of Coca-Cola should now be part of the emergency kit in the trunk of your car. If the car battery looks a bit corroded and the vehicle is not turning on as quickly as it has in the past, it could be that the terminals are corroded. This could cost a lot of money if taken to a repair shop to clean. However, you can do it yourself with a bottle of Coca-Cola and a few simple items. The acid from the cola is used to clean the car battery terminals. See video below.



It is a simple fix and a little goes a long way. But it just makes you wonder, if it does that to car battery build up, what is it doing to my stomach?!