The Greening of Detroit

We live in a fast paced world, often referred to as a microwave society. With things moving so fast around us, it is hard to sit and consider where our everyday resources come from, especially the things that keeps us going, food. Living on a farm, one would know where the food he or she is eating comes from. However, living in metropolitan areas, the thought of where our food comes from is not something that is a normal topic of dinner conversation; but it should be.

That is why organizations such as Greening of Detroit are merging urban living with farm life. What we consume and where it is grown or produced should be a priority. We only have one body, so we should take care of it.

Elizabeth Gordon Sachs, founded the Greening of Detroit organization in 1989 after more than five hundred thousand trees die over a thirty year span do to Dutch elms disease. Since then more than 89,000 trees have been planted and nearly 2000 gardens created or supported. The program extends to youth and adult programs, helping train in green careers.

Below is an inforgraphic highlighting The Greening of Detroit’s accomplishments in developing metro Detroit into green space

GREENDETROITThe mission for the greening of Detroit is inspiring sustainable growth of a healthy urban community through trees, green spaces, food, education, training and job opportunities. They aspire to provide a greener tomorrow for Detroit.

With more than six thousand volunteers in 2015, Greening of Detroit planted nearly nine-thousand trees and produced and harvested over 15-thousand pounds of food!

If you want to get involved log onto for volunteer opportunities, job training, and gardening locations. We only have one body so we should consider what we put in it.