Running the Field from the Sidelines

Running the Field from the SidelinesDr. Maria Sepulveda, the Clinical Learning Specialist, for Wayne State University Football team helps not only develop college football players on the field but off the playing field as well. With a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and Sports Medicine, she is an intricate part of the coaching team at the inner city Detroit University.

Sepulveda runs the field from the sidelines by exposing and providing athletes with options for community service, mentorships, and spiritual guidance. These opportunities help players develop character traits that will help them continue to win beyond college. According to the gallop poll, many former NCAA student-athletes go on to lead fulfilling lives after their college playing days are over. The majority of former student-athletes (56%) are thriving in this element, as are an even higher percentage (62%) of student-athletes who played football or men’s basketball. Both groups do significantly better than their non-student-athlete peers — less than half (48%) of whom are thriving in purpose well-being.

Much of athletic success beyond college could be contributed to the coaching staff that is not necessarily running drills or making sure players are in the gym. Coaches like Maria Sepulveda enforce values, character, and accountability in athletes that gives them a platform to succeed beyond college years. The matriculation from a college athlete to an adult goes beyond the field; it is developed on the sidelines.