Detroit Food Commons

The momentum to fight urban decay is continuing to grow and develop in the city of Detroit, Michigan. In the article, Detroiters Fighting Urban Decay through Urban Farming, it revealed how many Detroit agricultural based organizations, as well as individuals, are planning a better future for themselves, families, and the community overall by farming and gardening on vacant land that would otherwise be left desolate and overgrown.

The article featured Executive Director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network Malik Yakini. He explained that his organization’s initiative is to change the narrative of food and farming in the African American community. In the follow-up interview below, Yakini describes the new food initiative and development he has been working that will be the first of its kind in the city of Detroit.


When this development is complete, it will be a substantial food source for the community. With the option of being an owner within the food coop, residents can begin to build a future of food sustainability for generations to come.

The question that remains is if Detroit’s urban agricultural phenomenon will be the next big thing to originate from this comeback city. The Detroit Food Commons is a one of a kind development that could very well be the prototype for other metropolitan cities who are also rapidly growing into an urban garden oasis.