Up Close and Personal with Author Talks

Shhh! There is no talking in the library. That statement is the furthest from the truth these days. Libraries are taking on a new form of educating the public and it has a voice. There have always been opportunities for kids and teens to visit their local library and have a book read aloud to them but now adults can participate in the same opportunity.

The Detroit Public Library introduces Author Talk. According to Pew Research Center, strong majorities of adults consider themselves “lifelong learners” and libraries around the country are working to fit their programs and services into local educational ecosystems. Author Talk is a unique way to bring adult books to life through the voice, perspective and insight from the author themselves, live at the library. What better way to understand a book or a series of books than directly from the author?

This one-on-one, face-to-face interaction allows the reader to hear behind the scene character development or the twist and turns of the author’s thoughts on the plot. Moreover, the reader has the opportunity to ask the why, when, where, how of a storyline that is often asked when engulfed in a great book.

Saturday, April 9, 2016, New York Times best selling author and activist Sister Souljah gave an Author Talk at Detroit’s main library. Her national book tour promoting her newest novel “A Moment of Silence” packed the library’s auditorium with standing room only. The more than ninety-minute lecture was an intellectual dance from delving into recurring characters from her books to the reality of Reality TV and how it shapes the mind of those watching, to ending on her political perspective and the impact it has on the African American community.

Just as music artist crisscross the world promoting their music or the CEO of a technology company speaks at a TED talk, authors are now afforded the same opportunity to present their body of work in front of an audience of their fans. Author Talk is sweeping across America, at a local library near you.