Bring It! TV 20 Detroit Host Search – Live Auditions

Bring It! TV 20 Detroit Host Search – Live Auditions

Nearly 12-hundred hopefuls auditioned for the chance to be WMYD TV 20 Detroit’s next host, Wednesday, December 9th. Hundreds lined up at the beautiful Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center, on the city’s downtown riverfront for their chance. Early arrivers anxiously waited in the long walkway leading up to the Ontario exhibit hall, some rehearsing their lines, others checking out the competition but most chatting before the doors opened at 11 am.

Participant’s first stop was the registration table where they received a line number, to secure their space in line and all the paperwork for auditioning. From there they were lead into the huge Ontario exhibit hall. Music was playing and the atmosphere was electric! It looked to be several hundred seats set up theater style. Over in the front left corner was a “practice camera”. Here participants were able to practice their one-minute elevator pitch on why they should be the TV 20’s host not only in front of the live audience in the room but also for those streaming the live coverage online. This was a great because it helped the participants work out any natural nervousness that comes with being in front of a camera before facing the judges.

Over the intercom, small groups of participants were called into the holding/audition room on the other side of the split exhibit hall wall, where they were prepped before meeting the judges. There were 5 judging stations set up on the opposite side of the room each with a camera, a boom microphone, and one or two judges. Each participant had 60 seconds to tell a little bit about him or herself and why they thought they would be the perfect person to be TV 20 Detroit’s next host.

“I was nervous but I had to come down to audition,” said Monay Fort. “I’m trying to break into the TV industry. I love to write and talk to people.”

Angela King, a professional actress said “I’m used be being in front of a camera or an audience. I think this would be a great opportunity for me. ”

Mike Murray, Station Manager says, “I’m really happy about the turnout. We asked Detroit to Bring It and they did! It’s amazing!”

Throughout the afternoon broadcasts, there were live hits for TV 20’s parent station WXYZ showing the crowd and encouraging those who wanted audition that they until 8 pm to do so. By the end of the night, 1149 participants gave it their best shot. Now the judges have the tedious task of searching through tapes to find TV 20 Detroit’s HOST!